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The mobile market is changing daily, with both open source and proprietary tools promising to help you develop faster and test better. But wading through the sea of solutions to find the right one for your mobile testing needs can be daunting. Appium is quickly taking the mobile world by storm, but setup and integration can take days and many organizations don’t have the time to get their testers up to speed.

Mobile testing in the cloud can reduce cost and overhead, but testing effectively requires a robust solution to fit any need.

Whether your organization is ready to embrace Appium or you’re working with one of the many other solutions on the market, having a mobile device cloud that works the way you do can mean the difference between success and failure. A successful cloud not only supports continuous testing, but also allows you to choose the tools that are right for you today, while supporting the tools you’ll need tomorrow.

To help organizations implement a mobile cloud that will fit any need, Orasi has partnered with Mobile Labs to offer GigaFox.

Benefits of GigaFox

  • Offers a single solution for mobile development, testing and device sharing.
  • Provides Appium and its dependencies in a pre-configured mobile cloud to eliminate the headache of setup and installation.
  • Integrates with a host of DevOps, third-party and open source tools, allowing you to test with the tools that best fit your needs.
  • Includes world-class customer support to get you up and running faster.
  • Enables faster iOS provisioning and simplified Appium workflows.
  • Allows manual testing on virtual devices, eliminating the hassle of managing physical devices in house.
  • Allows simultaneous testing on multiple devices and operating systems, including iOS and Android.

Orasi has partnered with leaders in mobile technology since the earliest days of the field. Our expertise, coupled with our strong partnership with Mobile Labs, makes us uniquely positioned to help organizations leverage the power of mobile testing technology to develop faster and test more effectively.

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