Mobile App Testing: Perfecto Mobile

With the proliferation of mobile devices on the market today, ensuring a consistent experience across multiple devices, operating systems and networks can be a challenge. Testing can be even more challenging, with differing screen sizes, button functionality and more affecting the user experience. Test automation is one piece of the puzzle, but to achieve continuous testing you also need feedback and analysis tools to gain visibility throughout the entire process.

Stability, security and scalability are the hallmarks of successful mobile testing in a continuous delivery environment.

Testing isn’t just about being faster. It’s also about being smarter, from integrating with the automation framework that best fits your needs to testing across multiple devices and networks to ensure a consistent user experience. Organizations can gain a competitive edge by utilizing a mobile device cloud that offers elastic, parallel scalability, enterprise-grade security and a stable, self-healing lab. Add the ability to create, test and analyze results in a single solution, and your mobile testing efforts can reach new heights of efficiency.

To help organizations automate their mobile testing efforts, Orasi has partnered with Perfecto to offer Perfecto Mobile.

Benefits of Perfecto Mobile

  • Integrated with third-party and open source automation frameworks, including Appium, Espresso and XCUITest.
  • Offers thousands of real mobile devices accessible through the cloud, eliminating the trouble and expense of managing devices in-house.
  • Provides enterprise-grade security and data privacy.
  • Scales to projects of any size and scope.
  • Supports creation, execution, lab and analysis in a single, unified solution.
  • Enables cross-platform testing within a single suite of tools and provides test results by platform for easier detection of issues.

Orasi has partnered with leaders in mobile technology since the earliest days of the field. Our expertise, coupled with our strong partnership with Perfecto, makes us uniquely positioned to help organizations leverage the power of mobile testing technology in the cloud, regardless of the scope of their efforts.


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