Micro Focus Structured Data Manager

Application archiving to maximize business value with intelligent structured data management.

Analyze, Manage, and Migrate Structured Data Intelligently

Micro Focus Structured Data Manager (SDM) provides automated information lifecycle management and structured data optimization by relocating inactive data from expensive tier 1 production systems and legacy databases while preserving data integrity and access. SDM enables companies to retire outdated applications through an automated process of extracting, validating, and deleting data. This unique solution significantly reduces capital expenses and associated administrative costs, improves business application users’ productivity and overall IT staff efficiency, enables responses to legal and compliance requests quickly and effectively, and allows data to be leveraged to its highest value.
By allowing organizations to archive inactive data, and retire expensive legacy databases and their associated applications, Structured Data Manager results in improved operational efficiency, which is reflected across the entire organization in all areas from analytics to Information Governance and eDiscovery.

Key Benefits

  • Retire outdated applications by automatically extracting and deleting data resulting in lower maintenance costs
  • Reduce data footprint and storage costs including hardware, maintenance, and administration
  • Enhance operational efficiency and stabilize performance
  • Expedite backup performance and accelerate disaster recovery
  • Improve eDiscovery efficiency and effectiveness
  • Increase data accessibility utilizing conceptual search