Want More Predictable Software Outcomes? Unify People, Processes and Teams

Companies are striving to achieve continuous flow of application changes through their delivery pipelines to allow them to meet increased throughput expectations. Unfortunately, most companies have a ton of siloed groups, manual processes and tools that do not share data across the pipeline. The ConnectALL solution addresses many of these challenges, providing an easy-to-use, truly seamless integration platform.


This powerful integration solution synchronizes SDLC artifacts—data, workflow, requirements and more—automatically, and supports thousands of use cases.

ConnectALL supports one-to-many and many-to-many field mapping between virtually every DevOps tool in the market, which opens up a world of possibilities for more efficient software delivery with greater quality and predictability.

With ConnectALL running, development teams no longer have to manually review and take action on defect reports generated by application lifecycle management platforms. Instead, defect data flows directly into the development tool for review and action, greatly reducing team effort and accelerating defect resolution.

If the company uses a ticketing system like ServiceNow, incident and customer support issues also flow bi-directionally between the service desk and development teams.

No more manual report review or copying and pasting defect data between systems. No more emails required to communicate details between technical personnel. Data flows bi-directionally, in real time, to every member of the team.

Persistent Connectivity, Customized for Each Environment

Deployed, configured and optimized for each customer by Orasi’s seasoned integration experts, ConnectALL is much more than a bolt-on “connector tool.” It is composed of a core integration engine overlaid with APIs (“ConnectALL adapters”). This approach simplifies custom coding and development for configurations not supported in the core product. It also enables the ConnectALL development team to deploy code updates quickly in response to new versions, features, and security/stability fixes on supported applications.

ConnectALL can be enhanced with the ConnectALL Database Adapter—an add-on that extracts all the data in the connected software environment to support further processing for benchmarking, release fine-tuning and more.

Unify DevOps People, Processes and Teams.

Reduce manual work and enable teams to focus on more important DevOps efforts with an easy-to-use, truly seamless integration platform.


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