Cruise to DevOps Success

Orasi’s Advanced Technology Solutions Experts Will Guide You

Mature Your DevOps Program
with Orasi DevOps GPS

A DevOps journey is an ever-changing endeavor with many different stages along the route. Orasi’s Advanced Technology Solutions (ATS) experts can be the GPS to keep you on the best route and adjust as obstacles are encountered or changes are required.

Regardless of where your organization is in its adoption of DevOps, Orasi’s DevOps Practice provides leadership, coaching, and expertise to fully mature a DevOps program from manual to highly efficient. This includes the processes, people, and tools necessary to improve practices around CI/CD. Our ATS experts partner with IT leadership to develop strategic technology visions, navigate complex transformations, and provide leadership for critical technology initiatives.

  • Assess and determine that it is time to begin the DevOps journey
  • Roadmap the DevOps transformation and prepare for the journey
  • Start the work of transforming to a DevOps organization
  • Accelerate through the early learning stage of the DevOps journey
  • Cruise through successful implementation of DevOps change and delivery
  • Re-calculate to adjust for unforeseen changes and new destinations