Dynatrace and Orasi Autonomous Cloud Workshop | 03.04.20 | Atlanta, GA

Are you looking to move your BizDevOps teams from a traditional delivery and operational model towards NoOps and a fully Autonomous Cloud approach? Many software pros are. Once the automation of CI/CD pipelines is achieved, the challenge is to not only manage multiple releases that are deployed into production but also rollback any release changes that are inadvertently causing issues in production.

Join Orasi and Dynatrace in Atlanta on March 4 at the Orasi offices  for a COMPLIMENTARY hands-on Autonomous Cloud Workshop to build unbreakable CI/CD pipelines.


An Orasi partner, Dynatrace’s mission is to help every enterprise with their continuous digital journey to the autonomous cloud.

In this hands-on tutorial, we’ll use Jenkins, github & Dynatrace in GKE to build an automated CI/CD pipeline with the ability to automatically pass/fail a build. Additionally, we’ll use Ansible Tower along with Dynatrace Davis (AI Engine) to automatically rollback a release that is adversely impacting a production environment.

Prerequisites for the workshop, we require every attendee to:

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We look forward to seeing you there!