DevOps Rural Delivery

Sometimes, providing on-site DevOps experts isn’t the answer your organization needs. The reality is that DevOps is the newest boom in the IT market and the cost of DevOps resources have skyrocketed. Orasi realizes the need for a different set of DevOps services and we offer them through our Rural DevOps Delivery Facility.


Our remote staffing teams are U.S.-based.

Unlike some firms, whose “rural delivery teams” are nothing more than a group of disparate, remote workers cobbled together by a network link—or even outsourced to low-level resources in other countries—our remote staffing teams work from a fully equipped U.S.-based facility. ​ ​

For our clients looking to flexibly expand their DevOps team delivery capacity to meet spikes in demand, smoothly mesh with client teams and avoid expensive consulting travel cost, Orasi offers remote DevOps staffing from our U.S.-based rural team.

Our Rural Delivery “ToolShield” offering drives consistent, reliable DevOps tool maintenance and administration by leveraging our trained experts whose only focus every day is to repeatably deliver similar services to multiple clients. The result is that our team becomes highly efficient at delivery solutions, which leads to improved quality for you and allows your team to focus on more strategic efforts.

Best of all, in most cases we can deliver the solution in a monthly retainer fee-based cost structure that can reduce your organization’s cost.

And, last but not least, we now offer game-changing, hosted DevOps managed service solutions, allowing businesses to focus on what they do great while depending on Orasi to host the tools and processes to move code completely through a pipeline. Simply check your code into our source code repository and allow us to do the rest.

All of our rural team members are courteous, helpful and enthusiastic, working with client resources like an extension of their teams. Orasi is fully committed to offering its clients the greatest breadth of DevOps service delivery across a spectrum of price points. We invite inquiries for other resource needs not listed here.

Rural Delivery Services offer more flexibility.

A complimentary offering, ToolShield, delivers DevOps tool administration and maintenance from a remote team of trained experts.

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