DevOps Proof of Concept Services

Your firm’s DevOps journey has reached a new milestone. Leadership has greenlit development of a delivery improvement strategy. Now, the real challenge hits—how to scale the DevOps roadmap to enterprise-wide implementation with requisite adjustments to all “success factors,” from technology to corporate culture.


A Proof of Concept allows organizations to test drive tools and processes before beginning wholesale transformation.

As the second stage in our DevOps Journey to Success program, Orasi’s DevOps Proof of Concept (POC) services help firms mitigate the risk of transformational change. By test-driving the proposed tools and processes in a smaller-scoped setting leveraging agile methods, stakeholders can verify concepts and directions more quickly. They can adjust to identified speed bumps more readily and determine how the DevOps model works best for the group before expanding the footprint.

By the time an organization has decided to engage in an improvement initiative, leadership and stakeholders are anxious to begin. Why wait? Because time and resources are too precious to expend effort on project elements that are not going into the final pipeline.

Our POC effort is the perfect ‘next step’ to help you determine whether the proposed DevOps excellence framework is road-ready. It helps clear hazards that might threaten the approach and identify if more effort, different tools, or other route adjustments are needed. The POC also provides tangible proof that the effort is worthwhile, which can be used to persuade leadership and project stakeholders that the investment will pay off.

Quickly building out and proving POC results are invaluable in CI/CD pipeline design and validation but aren’t for novices to administer or execute precisely. As one of the most important “mile markers” in the DevOps journey, POC validation should be left to those who have hundreds of engagements under their belts—like the experts at Orasi.

Orasi's POC Services verify direction and reduce risk.

Test drive the tools and processes planned for the DevOps CI/CD transformation to verify concepts and directions in a smaller-scoped setting, thereby reducing expense and solidifying leadership buy-in.

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