DevOps Delivery Services

After strategic roadmap development and POC, organizations and their stakeholders are ready for DevOps Delivery. Whether we helped you create your DevOps strategy or you already have a plan in place and need help bringing your vision to life, Orasi’s DevOps Delivery services help clients reach cruise control at maximum implementation effectiveness.


Orasi can provide a specialist to mentor your team in best practices or a full DevOps team to own the delivery build out—you choose!

Recognizing that CI/CD adoption often disrupts customary processes, muddies role definitions, interferes with governance models and otherwise upsets the “established order,” Orasi mentors do more than coach. They inspire confidence across team boundaries, providing reassurance that while the new approach may be unfamiliar, it is not unworkable. The engagement ends when teams not only understand the new order but also embrace it as the most effective way forward to high-performing business agility.

Orasi has also earned a reputation in the market for its ability to help clients accelerate their DevOps delivery timelines and radically streamline DevOps pipeline throughput from weeks to hours. Other firms may boast about using the same techniques our experts employ to achieve these goals, from identifying and assembling crack cross-functional teams to expanding team expertise in leading DevOps toolsets. However, Orasi’s unique position as one of the world’s most trusted consultant mentors to software teams gives us a perspective unparalleled in the industry.

To offer state-of-the-art insights, our consultants continually refresh their skillsets in an array of leading tools, including Ansible, Azure DevOps, Bitbucket, CHEF, Docker, Git, Jenkins, Jira, Kubernetes, Packer, Puppet, Terraform, and Vault, as well as a host of testing solutions and cloud platforms, from AWS and Azure to GCP.

Orasi’s deeply experienced, veteran CI/CD execution professionals mentor and coach client delivery teams in the best-practice DevOps concepts, philosophies and technologies that help build complex, lightning-fast pipelines.

Orasi's DevOps Delivery Services keep you on the right track.

From assembling the most effective cross-functional teams to expanding team expertise in leading DevOps toolsets, Orasi specialists help clients reach their DevOps destination.

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