Orasi’s DevOps Solutions Handle Shifting IT Priorities with Speed

In the digital business environment, speed counts.

The IT teams that respond the fastest to ever-shifting business priorities enable their companies to dominate the competitive landscape. However, operational practices and processes that lag behind agile put speed at risk. As a result, the flexibility needed to respond to digital’s ever-changing lineup of necessary features and capabilities evaporates.

Orasi’s Strategic DevOps consultants help IT organizations regain the speed they need by finetuning resources, internal talent and contingency labor to succeed in the challenging digital environment.

Working with Orasi’s Strategy DevOps consultants has helped market-leading companies organize their backlogged requests to enable a continuous push of features and capabilities.

Orasi DevOps Solutions

Orasi’s DevOps consultants can orchestrate an end-to-end IT transformation for maximum organizational efficiency or tackle high-priority business-critical phases of DevOps such as:

  • Creating a shared strategy.
  • Designing and executing POC projects that scale.
  • Implementing streamlined delivery methodologies.
  • Leveraging the digital skills of contingent labor pools available through rural development programs.

With Orasi DevOps consultants leading the way to operational efficiency in IT, resources can be aligned to support business-critical initiatives. Orasi consultants work with you to set clear rules of engagement, empowering internal DevOps teams to know what matters and why. Aligning IT’s roles and responsibilities for maximum productivity fasttracks communications across teams, helping IT organizations swiftly deploy and redeploy resources as the priorities of the business change.

Driving Your Journey to DevOps

Predictable, Fast. Continuous.

Common DevOps Challenges

Ops are being forced to react to shorter cycle times

As Agile concepts have altered the expectations around the speed and frequency that code is generated, companies are organizing product backlogs and targeting to continuously push features through the delivery cycle. In many cases, the operational practices and capabilities have not matured at the same pace as agile practices.

DevOps is transformational change

DevOps highlights cultural crossroads between Dev and Ops teams that require communications, clear roles & responsibilities, and potentially organization design changes.