Enterprise Lifecycle Management: Micro Focus ALM & ALM Octane

Delivering high quality apps requires a comprehensive lifecycle management process. It’s not enough to just run ad hoc tests against the application; you must know what requirements you’re testing against, incorporate multiple types of testing and track defects effectively to be sure the app will work as expected. Managing this process in an Agile or continuous delivery environment requires automation to eliminate time-consuming manual tasks and increase speed and agility.

A complete management strategy incorporates the entire application lifecycle, from requirements and development to testing and release.

ALMFor large enterprises, defining processes and goals and incorporating those processes into an automated solution that reduces overhead can speed an Agile development cycle considerably. When integrated with DevOps and development tools and supported by a broad ecosystem of partners, such a solution can increase release velocity while ensuring application quality in even the fastest moving environment, regardless of methodology.

To help enterprises implement comprehensive application lifecycle management, Orasi has partnered with Micro Focus to offer ALM and ALM Octane.

Benefits of ALM and ALM Octane

  • Incorporates business risk estimates with requirements to determine where testing efforts should be more heavily focused.
  • Tracks release progress with cross-project reporting and project-level business views.
  • Incorporates requirements and defect management into the SDLC and leverages traceability to ensure the project stays on track.
  • Reports on KPIs throughout the project utilizing a visual scorecard.
  • Offers flexible deployment options with on-premise, SaaS and cloud-based options.
  • Utilizes REST APIs to integrate with more than 70 open source and commercial solutions, as well as other Micro Focus tools.
  • Speeds setup of labs using model-driven lab management to reduce configuration errors.
  • Allows requirements, tests and defects to be shared across multiple projects, allowing changes that affect multiple applications to be made once.
  • Scales Agile processes to the enterprise.
  • Provides real-time status within CI and CD environments.
  • Allows simultaneous management of Agile, Waterfall and Hybrid projects by integrating ALM, ALM Octane and Quality Center.

Since its inception, Orasi has partnered with the makers of ALM/ALM Octane; first when Mercury Interactive released TestDirector, and later when it was acquired and enhanced by HPE and subsequently Micro Focus. Our strong partnership with Micro Focus and our long history with application lifecycle management technology make us an ideal partner to help organizations gain the most from their testing efforts.

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