Test Management

Test management is a broad category that encompasses requirements, test, and development management. In a more traditional development model, each of these phases might take weeks or months, but in a continuous delivery cycle they can, and often do, occur simultaneously. Managing the entire end-to-end process requires automation and a commitment to best practices.

Continuous Testing

To fully gain insight and increase collaboration among the team, organizations must focus on a comprehensive strategy.

That strategy should incorporate people, processes and technology to accelerate the end-to-end flow of features and applications. Teams need integrated, scalable, lightweight tooling to be able to hit the ground running and eliminate manual, time-consuming, error-prone activities and handovers, particularly in a continuous delivery environment.

Orasi helps organizations achieve an accelerated return on investment by incorporating software quality management as part of your DevOps Strategic Roadmap. Our extensive experience with both DevOps and test management offers us deeper insights into best practices that can be utilized across the entire development cycle. These best practices, in turn, can speed delivery for all types of environments.

Test management encompasses many moving parts, and implementing it successfully requires planning and experience, particularly in a fast-moving development environment. From training and mentoring people to improving processes and implementing the right technology, Orasi helps clients achieve success quickly, in any environment.

Automated Test Management Accelerates Success.

For nearly 20 years, Orasi has been a leading provider of test management technology solutions and services. Put our commitment to best practices and client success to work for you.

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