Enterprise Performance Testing: Micro Focus Performance Center

For larger organizations, multiple development efforts often run simultaneously, and teams may be distributed globally. For those organizations, it is imperative that they develop a comprehensive performance testing strategy, including standardization and centralization of tools, to make the most of their efforts. And for some, that includes creating a performance engineering center of excellence.

Performance testing across the enterprise requires centralization, collaboration and global accessibility.

Performance CenterFor large enterprises, it’s vital to standardize performance testing efforts — from the tools used to the processes implemented — in order to facilitate collaboration and control costs. A performance testing center of excellence can help with these efforts, but for a truly comprehensive solution, a web-based, globally accessible automated tool should be at the core.

To help organizations implement automated performance testing across the enterprise, Orasi has partnered with Micro Focus to offer Performance Center.

Benefits of Performance Center

  • Allows organizations to plan and execute tests across multiple projects, locally or globally.
  • Provides a globally accessible platform for sharing resources, increasing efficiency and reducing costs.
  • Enables testing across web and mobile applications, as well as legacy systems and packaged apps.
  • Integrates real-time application performance monitoring and diagnostics to identify bottlenecks across the application and related systems.
  • Integrates performance testing in development tools to facilitate testing in continuous delivery environments.

Orasi has partnered with the makers of Performance Center since it was first developed as an enterprise version of LoadRunner. Our strong partnership with Micro Focus and our long history with performance testing technology gives us a unique advantage in helping organizations gain the most from their performance testing efforts, whether their work is executed by a single team or testers around the world.

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