Continuous Performance Testing: Neotys Neoload

To fully accelerate DevOps delivery pipelines, software teams are moving to a position of “continuous everything.” Perhaps nowhere is this more important than with performance testing. Performance is the “brass ring” of application functionality, and teams shouldn’t have to exert one extra minute diagnosing performance bugs or the load-handling and functional bugs that also negatively impact performance.

With continuous delivery, applications must “fail faster.” Continuous performance testing enables teams to “fix faster,” too.

NeoloadFor continuous integration to succeed, teams must reduce the time between a change and the discovery of any related defects. That requires pinpointing the source of each issue, in near real time, and then remediating it. Manual testing isn’t just impractical for such an effort — it’s impossible. Continuous performance testing not only supports much greater test volumes than any other mechanism; it requires no human intervention except for addressing the defects it identifies.

To equip software teams with the optimal mix of flexibility, innovation and coverage for continuous testing, especially for CI/CD pipelines, Orasi partnered with Neotys to offer Neoload.

Benefits of Neoload

  • Performance test without code and automate it into CI pipelines.
  • Integrate with leading CI solutions: Jenkins, TeamCity, Bamboo, and others.
  • Integrate performance testing into any CI/CD toolchain using the API-driven platform.
  • Deploy a dynamic load testing infrastructure on premise or in the cloud.
  • Automate pass/fail results to enable a fully automated CI process.
  • Gain immediate root cause analysis/results if a bottleneck is identified.
  • Collaborate across dev, QA, operations and business teams to define SLAs and review results.
  • Share test assets and manage test infrastructure.

To help enterprises gain maximum value from the full spectrum of “continuous” approaches, from continuous testing to continuous integration and delivery, we invite you to explore Orasi’s DevOps Delivery Services. Our experts have a proven track record helping organizations develop a best-practice strategy and operating framework, empowering teams to optimize every aspect of their DevOps delivery pipeline.