Application Load Testing: Micro Focus LoadRunner

Whether your organization is developing the latest in web and mobile technologies, implementing a custom ERP or CRM system, or managing a legacy system, performance is key. Systems need to be more than just accessible; they need to work at scale, from dozens to hundreds of users at a time. But testing for such loads can be daunting, particularly if your app runs across a mix of environments or integrates with multiple tools and services.

Load testing today’s complex applications requires a sound strategy and an automated testing solution.

LoadRunnerA comprehensive load testing solution not only tests system behavior and scalability, but also identifies bottlenecks and issues between related systems. Response time, reliability and resource usage are key indicators of performance issues. And in today’s rapid development environments, automation is key. A robust load testing solution allows test teams to run high-scale tests with minimal personnel and hardware on a mix of environments, with advanced monitoring and analysis.

To help organizations automate their load testing initiatives, Orasi has partnered with Micro Focus to offer LoadRunner.

Benefits of LoadRunner

  • Enables testers to use a mix of physical and virtual environments, including cloud environments, to run tests using minimal hardware.
  • Offers advanced monitoring and analysis tools to identify performance bottlenecks within the application and across related systems, including root cause analysis.
  • Integrates load testing in development tools to facilitate testing in continuous delivery environments.
  • Provides an intuitive record and playback mechanism to speed development of automated load tests and emulate real user behavior.
  • Offers more than 50 protocols to test a wide range of applications, from the latest technologies to legacy systems.

Since its inception, Orasi has partnered with the makers of LoadRunner; first when the product was released by Mercury Interactive, and later when it was acquired and enhanced by HPE and subsequently Micro Focus. Our strong partnership with Micro Focus and our long history with load testing technology gives us a unique advantage in helping organizations gain the most from their testing efforts.

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