Network Performance Testing: Micro Focus Network Virtualization

Mobile and web apps dominate our lives today, and companies can spend significant resources to ensure that they deliver a quality app. But all those efforts may be in vain if they don’t take the vagaries of production networks into account. Network constraints and reliability issues can greatly affect the user experience, causing a decline in users even for a great app.

For an organization to truly compete in the mobile market, they must take network conditions into account during testing.

Network VirtualizationNetworks are complex and evolve daily. Constraints may be tied to carriers, infrastructure or the dependencies between parts of an application, and a test environment generally won’t mirror those conditions. That’s where network virtualization steps in, offering companies a way to simulate real-world network conditions to determine where issues might arise and address them before deployment.

To help organizations understand and integrate network virtualization in their mobile test environments, Orasi has partnered with Micro Focus to offer Network Virtualization.

Benefits of Network Virtualization

  • Emulates multiple network locations simultaneously, with varying response times, from a single location.
  • Enables easy and complete analysis of test results with a single database.
  • Captures and recreates real-world network performance conditions to drive more thorough testing.
  • Provides insight into the root cause of network performance bottlenecks before deployment.
  • Offers a library of mobile and broadband conditions worldwide, allowing targeting of specific locations for which to test.
  • Integrates with other Micro Focus solutions, including functional and performance testing suites, to improve the accuracy of those tests.

Since the early days of mobile, Orasi has partnered with leaders in the application testing field and witnessed the emergence of mobile testing technologies. Our experience, coupled with our strong partnership with Micro Focus, makes us uniquely positioned to help organizations implement network virtualization within their mobile testing environments to ensure a robust, scalable app.

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