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Mobile testing is not a one-size-fits-all solution. Some organizations need to test on real devices, while others can achieve results with emulators or simulators. And still others must use a mix of solutions to ensure that their applications work properly. Whichever method organizational leadership chooses, they must take into account not only the variety of devices and operating systems, but also the networks on which they run.

A sound mobile testing strategy incorporates functional, performance and security testing to ensure a robust, usable app.

UTF MobileMobile applications play a host of roles in our daily lives, from banking to email and games. Competing effectively in the market requires that organizations pay close attention not only to the functionality of their app, but also the performance and security as well. That requires testing, often at an enterprise level. A robust mobile testing platform moves beyond helping teams test their apps to incorporate the monitoring and optimization that ensures a better user experience.

To help organizations implement comprehensive mobile testing initiatives, Orasi has partnered with Micro Focus to offer UFT Mobile (formerly Mobile Center).

Benefits of UFT Mobile

  • Provides an extensive lab of emulators and real mobile devices to support continuous testing for native, hybrid and web mobile apps.
  • Incorporates manual and automated testing of functionality, performance and security through a single point of control.
  • Analyzes usage, network performance and application production monitoring to provide a comprehensive view of the app.
  • Deploys on-premise or in a hybrid infrastructure, utilizing local or cloud-hosted devices.

Since the early days of mobile technology, Orasi has partnered with leaders in the application testing field. Our expertise in the field, coupled with our strong partnership with Micro Focus, uniquely positions us to help organizations leverage testing methodologies in traditional or Agile environments, from mobile to legacy applications and at every level between.

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