Ensuring that you have the right technology available to your teams is critical to success. But many companies don’t have the resources to purchase expensive hardware, not to mention the space to house them and the personnel to maintain them. Yet, the lack of proper technology can increase the risk of software failure, particularly in a fast-paced continuous delivery cycle.

Continuous Testing

How, then, can companies ensure their teams have the technologies they need while reducing risk and cost?

Servers are expensive and can be costly to maintain. Add to that the complexity of networking and the costs rise. Dedicated resources to maintain the servers and technology are also needed, or organizations run the risk of putting too much strain on personnel already committed to other jobs.

To address these needs and reduce strain on testing teams, Orasi offers fully managed, secure cloud-based hosting. Secure, managed cloud hosting enables organizations to offload hosting and management of non-critical software lab applications, freeing internal IT resources for mission-critical application management. In addition, it reduces investment in server hardware and maintenance and turns storage into an operating expense rather than a capital item.

Whether your team is using automated test software or the latest in DevOps tools, each client environment is administered by specialists with deep experience, ensuring reliability and performance in the cloud.

Let Orasi Do the Work for You.

Orasi’s Hosting Service gives decision makers and their teams superior flexibility, power and performance with welcome peace of mind.

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