Service Simulation: Micro Focus Service Virtualization

Applications today have become more complex and interrelated than ever. Many applications utilize existing centralized services — such as payment processing, maps, or database authentication — to deliver needed functionality without duplicating work across multiple systems. Yet when testing an application, direct access to such services can be blocked or prohibitively expensive.

Virtualizing inaccessible or expensive services can allow testing of app behavior without jeopardizing results.

Service VirtualizationService virtualization allows a tester to simulate the behavior of linked services, without actually utilizing those services. By placing a virtual service between the application under test and the real service, the system can model the behavior expected of both the app and the service for testing, while eliminating the risks associated with expensive or unavailable services. The result is a fully tested application, without the time and expense required to write virtualized services manually.

Orasi has partnered with Micro Focus to offer Service Virtualization, enabling customers to easily simulate linked services for testing.

Benefits of Service Virtualization

  • Eliminates service constraints in complex, interrelated apps by creating realistic production simulations for testing.
  • Enables more rapid performance and functional testing through enterprise-scalable and high-performance simulations.
  • Reduces cost by eliminating the need to test against costly live services and dependent systems.
  • Provides wizards to develop service models, reducing the time required to develop virtualized systems.
  • Empowers users to easily modify data, network and performance models as test conditions and applications change.
  • Supports legacy systems, in addition to current web services.
  • Integrates with other Micro Focus tools to allow the use of virtual services in functional and performance testing.

Orasi has partnered with the makers of Service Virtualization since before its inception; first when the product was released by HPE and later when it was acquired and enhanced by Micro Focus. Our strong partnership with Micro Focus, our long history with the technology and our experience across the entire spectrum of testing tools, gives us a unique advantage in helping organizations gain the most from their testing efforts.

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