Business Process Testing: Micro Focus UFT Business

In a development environment, testing is commonly performed by those with the knowledge of how to create and run automated tests. But equally important, and often overlooked, are the business users who know how the application is supposed to work. Unless these two teams are working in close concert, key functionality issues can be overlooked, and the app can miss the mark when it comes to customer acceptance.

Role-based, scriptless testing can bridge the gap between the app a company delivers and the app customers want.

UFT BusinessBusiness users and subject matter experts are often closely aligned with customer needs, driving the requirements of an application throughout its lifecycle. Using a scriptless testing tool allows those users to generate tests of their own, capturing business process flows and integrating them into the testing cycle. And when combined with the ability to save those tests in a library of reusable test components, such a tool allows business users to approach their own level of test automation.

To help customers implement test automation for business users using scriptless testing, Orasi partnered with Micro Focus to offer UFT Business (formerly Business Process Testing).

Benefits of UFT Business

  • Allows business users and subject matter experts to contribute to testing efforts on their own terms, without specialized coding knowledge.
  • Enables teams to build a shareable library of reusable business process test components using an intuitive, code-free, web-based interface.
  • Enables keyword-driven testing and data driving that mirror actual business processes by simply interacting with an application.
  • Integrates with UFT One to allow automated testing and with Sprinter for manual testing using the same components.
  • Offers extended capabilities to test SAP and Oracle applications.

Since its inception, Orasi has partnered with the makers of UFT One, and has therefore been a strong proponent of UFT Business from its early stages. Our strong partnership with Micro Focus, and our long history with the technology, gives us a unique advantage in helping organizations gain the most from their functional testing efforts across all user roles.

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