Automated Functional Testing: Micro Focus UFT One

In the past two decades, software applications and the processes used to develop them have undergone a radical shift. Release cycles are now measured not in months, but days. And ensuring that an application works properly is more critical than ever. The proliferation of apps on the market mean competition is fierce, and applications that don’t work properly will quickly be abandoned for a competitor’s product.

Rapid development cycles and the drive to incorporate functional testing earlier in the process requires automation.

UFT OneFunctional testing is one of the most common methods of testing an application before release, ensuring that the product performs as expected and meets requirements. In continuous delivery environments, such testing must be automated to meet stringent deadlines and address the complexity of today’s applications. Automation allows for more detailed, repeatable test cases and a more rapid testing cycle, which is essential to releasing apps on time and competing effectively in the market.

To help customers execute effective functional testing and speed time to market in any development environment, Orasi partnered with Micro Focus to offer UFT One (formerly Unified Functional Testing).

Benefits of UFT One

  • Supports more than 200 apps and environments and provides intelligent test automation for web, mobile, SAP, API, hybrid, enterprise, and more.
  • Integrates with a full spectrum of development tools, from continuous integration to source control management and lifecycle management.
  • Uses advanced AI- and image-based tools to recognize and learn third-party controls and objects.
  • Enables mobile testing directly from the application, without a test lab or additional mobile device licenses.
  • Offers parallel, cross-browser, and cross-device mobile testing to run tests at scale.
  • Delivers “script once and replay” functionality across all leading browsers and versions.

Since its inception, Orasi has partnered with the makers of UFT One; first when the product was known as Mercury Interactive’s QuickTest Professional, then later as HPE and subsequently Micro Focus acquired and enhanced the technology. Our strong partnership with Micro Focus and our long history with the technology gives us a unique advantage in helping organizations gain the most from their functional testing efforts.

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