Agile Functional Testing: Micro Focus UFT Developer

Continuous delivery and Agile development have had a dramatic impact on the software development world. Apps change at a more rapid pace, a wider range of technologies are used in development and integrated development environments (IDEs) are becoming more complex. Add to that the challenge of dispersed teams and open source technologies, and functional testing becomes even more important to ensure a competitive product.

Agile and DevOps testing teams require functional testing designed specifically for the challenges of continuous testing and continuous integration.

Shifting functional testing left is a critical requirement in today’s Agile development environments. The solution is a leaner functional testing solution that utilizes robust, proven technology in a more nimble format. When designed specifically for continuous testing and continuous integration, such a solution allows dev and test teams to achieve a new level of productivity and collaboration.

To help customers execute effective functional testing in Agile and DevOps environments, Orasi has partnered with Micro Focus to offer UFT Developer (formerly LeanFT).

Benefits of UFT Developer

  • Offers a standard, multi-platform environment that is supported in both development and QA processes.
  • Accommodates rapid changes to applications by using and adapting UFT tools and technologies, as well as leveraging embedded service virtualization capabilities.
  • Works enterprise-wide by supporting multiple projects and campaigns, regardless of team roles and geography.
  • Supports modern programming languages such as C# and JavaScript while offering functional testing capabilities in Visual Studio, IntelliJ and more.
  • Leverages object identification tools to enable the rapid creation of Selenium tests and maintain testing models across multiple iterations of the application.

Since its inception, Orasi has partnered with the makers of UFT One. And with our DevOps focus, we have been an advocate of UFT Developer since its early days as a way of supporting our customers in their CD/CI journeys. Our strong partnership with Micro Focus, and our long history with the technology, gives us a unique advantage in helping organizations gain the most from their functional testing efforts in any Agile or continuous delivery environment.

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