Integrated Data Masking: Delphix

With 80% of sensitive data residing in development, testing and reporting environments, and nearly half of all data breaches occurring in the application layer, organizations can no longer ignore the criticality of app data protection. Data masking is a recognized means of obfuscating personal data, but bolt-on, legacy solutions are cumbersome and inefficient. The masking process must not only be seamless and secure; it must be fully integrated into the DevOps delivery pipeline.

To enable effortless, impenetrable data anonymization, DevOps organizations rely on integrated dynamic data masking (DDM).

Delphix data maskingIntegrated DDM eliminates slow, manual processes for data protection, minimizes impact on networks and systems, and eliminates the need for expensive, redundant hardware. Anonymized, virtualized data is quickly and automatically delivered into dev and test environments — even with multi-tier applications. Organizations also gain the reporting support they need to demonstrate repeatable compliance procedures for audits or regulatory actions.

Orasi has partnered with Delphix to help organizations leverage advanced database integration to release secure software faster.

Benefits of Delphix

  • Integrate data into existing DevOps workflows, cutting complexity, lowering total cost of ownership and facilitating attainment of speed and quality goals. 
  • Deliver production-like data in minutes while maintaining data security — even Big Data stored in data warehouses — and securely share it with outside teams.
  • Stand up a development environment in minutes with full and faithful copies of production data.
  • Create fully synced virtual database copies; easily move data for cloud migration or backup/disaster recovery.
  • Improve data traceability and auditability in compliance with data protection regulations and better manage fine-grained data usage consents.

To help its clients gain maximum value from database automation, Orasi joined forces with Delphix and two other partners — Datical and XebiaLabs —to develop a fully integrated, unified release automation framework. This solution standardizes and automates software delivery across apps, users and tools, ensuring consistent, repeatable release delivery. Orasi provides a comprehensive set of configuration, deployment and support services around this framework — and for Delphix as a standalone tool.


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