Database Release Automation: Liquibase

Overwhelmingly, business leaders are recognizing the value of modernizing their application release automation tools to deliver better experiences more quickly. However, database practices have not made the same leap to achieve continuous integration and delivery. Yet, four out of every five application releases include database changes, and it only takes one problematic database change to crash an app or compromise data security.

As the importance and advantages of continuous delivery for databases become more apparent, companies are turning to automation.

Datical RobotTruly seamless database release automation (DRA) empowers DevOps organizations, enabling them to package and deploy database changes across environments throughout the software delivery pipeline and ultimately to production. With DRA, DevOps teams can unify deployment automation, environment modeling, validation, testing and release coordination. As a consequence, ALL code, including database code, can be checked in to version control and deployed as part of the application release process.

To help organizations remove database deployments as a software delivery bottleneck, Orasi partnered with Liquibase, formerly Datical, a leader in DRA.

Benefits of DRA

  • Prevent application release delays due to database deployment issues and keep application development teams in sync.
  • Trigger an automated build when database changes are checked into source control for early feedback on whether changes can be successfully deployed.
  • Reduce the risk of introducing bugs and defects downstream by testing and validating database change scripts as part of continuous integration.
  • Discover mistakes faster for less costly fixes and stronger code.
  • Deliver smaller, less risky deployments, enabling teams to respond more quickly to business or customer needs.

To help its clients gain maximum value from database automation, Orasi joined forces with Liquibase and two other partners — Delphix and XebiaLabs — to develop a fully integrated, unified release automation framework. This solution standardizes and automates software delivery across apps, users and tools, ensuring consistent, repeatable release delivery. Orasi specialists provide an extensive offering of configuration, deployment and support services around this framework — and for Liquibase as a standalone tool, as well.


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