Application Release Automation: XebiaLabs

For enterprises that have adopted DevOps or Agile practices, the continual, accelerated nature of release cycles can be daunting. When teams feel pressured to deliver new or enhanced application capabilities, or their releases are subject to compliance or other regulatory scrutiny, stress mounts and the odds of code errors and release-cycle delays increases.

Most organizations experience this challenge at some time. Those that overcome it most readily rely on Application Release Automation.

Providing a blend of automation, environment modeling and workflow management, application release automation (ARA) helps enterprises overcome the challenges of modern software development, reducing complexity, alleviating team pressure points, and accelerating release velocity. It also provides the visibility, accountability and oversight that ensures releases meet the goals of both stakeholders and decision makers while achieving any mandated compliance and regulatory goals.

To ensure ARA helps its customers accelerate the end-to-end flow of features and applications while meeting critical business imperatives, Orasi partnered with XebiaLabs.

Benefits of XebiaLabs

  • Enable self-service deployment while maintaining best practices, governance and control.
  • Eliminate manual, time-consuming, error-prone activities and handovers with lightweight yet scalable, plug-and-play solutions.
  • Identify bottlenecks and reduce time spent debugging and fixing deployment-related errors.
  • Control releases, standardize processes, track software chain of custody, and bake compliance and security into DevOps.
  • Capture failure details across environments as well as error resolution time, enabling proactive intervention to reduce waste and the odds of catastrophic failure.
  • Automate and standardize complex deployments to cloud, container, and legacy systems

To help its clients gain maximum value from database automation, Orasi joined forces with XebiaLabs and two other partners — Datical and Delphix — to develop a fully integrated, unified release automation framework. This solution standardizes and automates software delivery across apps, users and tools, ensuring consistent, repeatable release delivery. Orasi provides a comprehensive set of configuration, deployment and support services around this framework — and for XebiaLabs as a standalone tool.


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