ConnectALL: Introducing Tricentis Tosca Integration

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ConnectALL has just released its latest integration, and we’re confident Orasi customers will be excited about it! The integration connects test management and automation tool Tosca with Atlassian’s issue-tracking application, Jira. With integration between Jira and Tosca, project-critical information, including requirements and defect statuses, will flow automatically between these tools — and other tools used for planning, building and delivering software. Teams will not only gain better, deeper insight more quickly; they’ll be relieved from tedious manual tasks such as data entry, and they can reduce — or potentially eliminate — status meetings and email communiques relating to Tosca.

View the recording to learn how the integration of Tosca and Jira will empower your testers and developers to make faster decisions, resolve defects faster, understand requirements, and align with each other’s tasks and activities for end-to-end visibility into the software delivery value stream. A Q&A session at the end will enable our experts to answer all your questions, too!

Why integrate Jira and Tosca?

  • Synchronizes artifacts from end-to-end across the software delivery value stream
  • Improves team collaboration by connecting Tosca to third party tools
  • Supports cross-tool traceability and reporting, particularly between requirements and defects
  • Removes the need for manual processes and spreadsheets
  • Synchronizes requirements or user stories from Jira to Tosca requirements
  • Synchronizes failed tests from Tosca to defects in agile tools like Jira
  • Allows for automatic reporting of defects found during test execution from QA to development


Andrew Fuqua, VP of Products, ConnectALL
Andrew joined ConnectALL after a long-standing career as an Enterprise Transformation Consultant. During his extensive, 30+ year career he has held positions in consulting, management, product management, and development. Andrew is an active contributor to the Agile community, an established speaker, influencer and published author.


Johnathan McGowan, Sr. Solutions Architect, ConnectALL
Johnathan is a primary customer-facing technical resource for the ConnectALL integration tool. He helps assess customer needs, build demonstrations, provide guidance for product evaluations, and assist clients with their production deployments.