Chalk Talk Tuesdays – Test Automation

In a continuation of our Software Quality Engineering Roadmap series, this webinar will focus on leveraging Test Automation to meet increasing business and technical demands.

Chalk Talk Tuesday – Transitioning to Open-Source Test Automation

While open-source solutions certainly have some advantages over commercial solutions, there are also many challenges organizations face when adopting an open-source approach. For the past several years, Orasi has been busy assisting customers with overcoming these challenges and has developed extensive expertise around navigating the open-source ecosystem.

Empowering with Self-Service Data Analytics

Companies of all sizes struggle with turning their data into something they can take action upon quickly enough for it to make a difference. Let us show you how Alteryx can help you prep, blend, and analyze all data to deploy and share deeper insights in hours instead of weeks.

Software Quality Series Part 4

Join us for the final part of a four-part webinar series that provides an in-depth approach to introducing DevOps, continuous integration and delivery, and test automation into your software development and testing process.