Shift left

Shift-Left Performance Testing

Performance engineering teams must harness the speed of change and release software faster while delivering a superior end-user experience. In this webinar, Orasi and Micro Focus will share insights on how developers and QA teams need to ‘shift-left performance testing’ and how LoadRunner Developer, a modern, lightweight tool, can help.

Cloud Infrastructure in 2021

Cloud Infrastructure in 2021: Protecting & Accelerating the Modern Business

In 2021, it’s vital that businesses’ IT Infrastructure investments both protect and accelerate their organizations, allowing them to lead with agility and innovation. Join this panel of cloud and infrastructure experts as they discuss how IT leaders and businesses can effectively utilize cloud technologies in 2021.


Opening Doors with Zephyr Enterprise and Orasi

As a SmartBear partner, Orasi has developed an integration for Zephyr Enterprise with Rational DOORS, a leading requirements management tool that makes it easy to capture, trace, analyze, and manage changes to information. DOORS allows users to control requirements, which in turn reduces costs, increases efficiency and quality of your products.


DevOps/ITSM Continuous Operations: The sum is greater than the parts

It can feel like DevOps and ITSM are from different ends of the universe. However, to achieve ultimate success in either, they must be part of the same world. We’ll explore how DevOps and ITSM need each other to achieve true continuous flow that will drive the successful organizations of the future.

Eliminate Bottlenecks - Orasi

Eliminate Bottlenecks in Software Delivery

If you’re like most enterprises, your DevOps teams are still performing manual work when it comes to test data delivery and managing database schema changes. Bogged down by these inefficient and error-prone legacy processes, release cycle times remain painfully slow even though the rest of your CI/CD toolchain is automated. We hear you.

Continuous Compute

There’s an API for Everything: Continuous Compute

The impact of the business need for faster cycles and increasing flexibility is driving DevOps and lean ideas throughout the IT value stream. We will explore how automation, “as code”, shifting left, and other DevOps concepts are driving change into the IT value stream, driving an API revolution, and impacting the infrastructure world.

Fortify 20.2

Fortify 20.2 in the Day-to-Day of an Application Security Program

How do the new features and functions of Fortify 20.2 affect daily users and their Application Security programs as a whole? The Saltworks Security and Micro Focus teams are coming together on this webinar hosted by Orasi Software to discuss Fortify 20.2 from a holistic program perspective.