What is OrasiLabs?

OrasiLabs is a new concept in software training. For most people, the hardest part of delivering a software training class is building and deploying the student machines for hands-on practice. Buying and configuring each student’s sandbox is expensive and time consuming.

OrasiLabs Demonstration

With OrasiLabs, you bypass all that hassle by creating inexpensive, hands-on training environments in the cloud. OrasiLabs then quickly spins up personalized copies for each student, which they access through a standard web browser.

DevSecOps in a Dangerous World

As nimble organizations deliver new innovations, bad actors are upping their games. Leveraging their ability to exploit — and even plant — security vulnerabilities in the software supply chain. To avoid becoming a statistic, your firm must fight back by automating security directly into the DevOps pipeline.

Orchestrating DevOps: Integrating DevOps Metrics Analysis

Application development is rarely a “one-and-done” endeavor; rather, applications are constantly evolving. Metrics enable organizations to determine areas for improvement, as well as areas of opportunity within their process. Yet tracking metrics and utilizing them to make informed decisions can be challenging.

Orchestrating DevOps: Integrating Test Management

This webinar introduces the third stage of our Continuous DevOps Flow Integration process. In this session, we’ll briefly review the process and first two stages, explore how to integrate QA planning and testing into the process, and demonstrate the JIRA to Micro Focus ALM integration.