Great article from Forbes Magazine on a presentation at DOES18 about the future of DevOps and the value stream, highlighting Orasi’s latest acquisition, the integration superstar

DevOps is an automation-supported cultural and organizational transformation of the software development and operations departments in enterprises, web scale companies, and software vendors. Its goal: speed up software delivery while maintaining quality, resilience, and scale, thus providing better value to end-customers.

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Development Practices that Break Applications and What You Can Do

As most organizational leaders recognize at some level, the increasing dominance of web and mobile applications has completely turned the software world on its ear. The number of critical business functions that are processed via a browser or mobile device is escalating, and inaccurate results, aberrant behaviors, and security flaws can all be absurdly costly.

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The Intersection of Data Security and Quality Assurance

In today’s threat-laden environment, where production data is one of the chief targets of hackers, organizations developing software must expend both time and resources securing their production data. One of the simplest ways to ensure security for software testing activities is through the use of targeted, advanced data-handling solutions that can synthesize and virtualize production data.

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The Intersection of Big Data Analytics and Software Development: Why You Should Be There

Despite the proven value of collecting raw software project data and analyzing it to create actionable, easily digested key performance indicators (KPIs), many firms still struggle to extract, analyze, and organize this data into reports—let alone dashboards or scorecards. If this sounds like your organization, don’t be surprised. In my experience, only a handful of firms have been able to implement truly effective, streamlined reporting systems—and many teams and their leaders don’t even recognize what they are missing.

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HPE Rolls Out New Data, Application and Analytics Security Offerings At HPE Protect

“The world has really changed, as we see it. You used to have a point where an application was ready to go live and security would have to come in and bless the application….What we see now is that is not the [case]. The focus now is to ensure we have an ecosystem to make secure applications and monitor…so you don’t have to stop on your way out the door.”

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Big Data and Mobility: How Enterprise Resource Planning Is Being Reinvented

Although both mobile apps and big data analytics have become pivotal to business operations on a broad scale, one area of software development—enterprise resource planning (ERP)—has not historically been part of the revolution. Today, that is changing, as ERP developers recognize that their systems are perfect candidates for mobile-centric, big data analytics.

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Mobile App Greatness: It Matters

Mobile user expectations are an interesting thing. We all hear that they are through the roof, and that users expect app behaviors and responses to occur in near-nanoseconds. What most of us don’t hear is that the features and functions that matter to users do not necessarily align with what developers are giving them—or what developers think they want.

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The Challenge of User Experience

Thanks to the handful of organizations that are producing amazing apps, users expect more. Systems and transaction chains are more complex, the number of devices continues to grow, and users want to do more, but with fewer actions and less decision making. What are software teams to do? How do you answer the challenge?

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