Secure Data Encryption: Micro Focus Voltage SecureData

Data and application security is more important than ever, yet many companies fail to budget the time and money necessary to address critical security deficiencies. Most are aware of the threat, but believe that comprehensive security will hamper development cycles or cost too much. This mistaken belief puts not only the company at risk, but also their customers’ sensitive data.

With the right combination of security services and solutions, AppSec is achievable and affordable.

The number of cyber attacks against companies and governments continues to grow, both in frequency and severity. Data-centric security technologies can help safeguard a company’s assets, offering protection from the point of data capture throughout its lifecycle in your enterprise. Such technology allows you to keep the data you need, ensure its privacy, and neutralize threats from high-risk environments.

To help customers execute effective application and data security technologies in any development environment, Orasi has partnered with Micro Focus to offer Voltage SecureData.

Benefits of Voltage SecureData

  • Delivers data privacy protection, neutralizes data breach, and drives business value through secure data use.
  • Gain cloud benefits but keep control of “crown jewel” assets and keys with persistent encryption and fully secure workloads wherever data flows.
  • Encrypts sensitive data in big data use cases such as real-time analytics, enabling increased access to data for faster insights.
  • Business applications operate on encrypted data flowing through the enterprise securely, with no gaps, no decryption, and no performance overhead.
  • Encryption and pseudonymization provide privacy for the individual; build customer trust; and address the GDPR, CCPA, and HIPAA.
  • Secure Stateless Tokenization removes credit card data storage, reduces breach risk, and cuts up to 85% of PCI DSS audit scope and costs.
  • Data Privacy Manager enables privacy throughout the data lifecycle, from structured data discovery and classification to encryption and reporting.

Since the early days of application security technology, Orasi has partnered with leaders in the field. Our expertise, coupled with our strong partnership with Micro Focus, uniquely positions us to help organizations leverage application security in traditional or Agile environments, from mobile to legacy applications and at every level between.

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