Application Security: Imperva

With hackers targeting systems every 39 seconds, organizations must reduce their exposure from every angle. All components of modern applications are vulnerable, and “people” risk increases that exposure. To secure their sensitive information — corporate secrets, intellectual property, financial records and more — security must begin at the network edge and not stop until it protects the entire application stack and the various databases that store app data.

The more sensitive the data, the more attractive the target. Secure the application stack and database to minimize exposure.

Beyond the need to protect digital corporate assets, business leaders face an onslaught of regulatory and compliance requirements, and violating them can have serious consequences. Although allowing “people risk” is also prohibitively dangerous, regulators and other governing entities take an especially dim view of firms that fail to use readily available technology to secure their systems and data.

To help enterprises achieve best practices regarding application and database security, curtailing risk and exposure, Orasi has partnered with Imperva.

Benefits of Imperva

  • Runtime Application Self-Protection (RASP) enables Imperva to block attacks and monitor interactions inside the application stack itself.
  • Network Activity Protection offers visibility into outbound network communications originating from within applications, APIs and microservices requests.
  • Weak Cryptography Protection monitors and protects against the use of specific weak hashing algorithms and cryptographic ciphers, enabling applications to halt code execution if an algorithm or cipher is weak.
  • Imperva’s solution promotes compliance with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR),HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996) and other regulatory requirements.

To help organizations make the most of their Imperva implementation, Orasi and its sister firm, Saltworks Security, offer value-add consulting services including solution implementation and configuration. We also offer personnel training, helping both development and security teams understand not only how to most effectively use Imperva in their own environments but also how to foster a culture of security within the organization.