App Security: Micro Focus Static Code Analyzer

Software applications used by businesses — whether mobile or on-prem; developed in-house or outsourced — must be protected and secure. Static and dynamic analysis are two recognized mechanisms for identifying critical security vulnerabilities in applications. Static analysis provides the benefit of being able to run early in the software development lifecycle, rather than on applications already completed and possibly in production.

Static analysis identifies critical vulnerabilities in development, when they are easiest and least expensive to fix.

Micro Focus Static Code AnalyzerStatic code analysis is an investigative vulnerability discovery mechanism that reduces application security risks by providing immediate feedback on issues introduced into code during development. A static analysis solution is often implemented as part of a comprehensive Software Security Assurance (SSA) program, a proactive approach to ensure that security is inherent throughout the SDLC, from design and development through quality assurance and deployment.

To help enterprises discover more vulnerabilities, earlier, thereby fixing them faster and with less cost and effort, Orasi partnered with Micro Focus to offer Static Code Analyzer (SCA).

Benefits of SCA

  • Uses multiple algorithms and an expansive knowledge base of secure coding rules to analyze application source code for exploitable vulnerabilities.
  • Identifies, ranks and prioritizes which vulnerabilities pose the greatest threat, providing detailed guidance on fixing them.
  • Pinpoints the root cause of security vulnerabilities in the source code.
  • Enables secure coding practices by educating developers about static application security testing as they work.

Orasi has partnered with the developers of SCA since before its inception; first when the product was released by HPE and later when it was acquired and enhanced by Micro Focus. Our strong partnership with Micro Focus, and the expertise of our Saltworks Security specialists, gives us a unique strategic advantage in helping organizations reap maximum benefit from SCA. Saltworks’ customized security program services can extend that value even further.

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