App Security as a Service: Micro Focus Fortify on Demand

Application security is demanding enough without teams dealing with code updates, configuration hassles and other complications of on-premise security scanners. With security as a service, robust, cloud-based security tools seamlessly interact with corporate infrastructure, providing subscription-based, best-practices scanning and threat identification more cost effectively than on-premise solutions.

Cloud-based security testing and continuous monitoring reduce exposure while freeing security staff for other vital tasks.

Fortify On Demand App Scan ResultsSecurity as a service levels the playing field between cyber attackers and defenders like never before. It provides extremely affordable, expert staff augmentation while ensuring important activities like security log monitoring aren’t overlooked. It affords access to advanced security tools without the hassle of updates and maintenance. Finally, it demonstrates to upper management that security is not a business impediment, which is vital to selling the value of stringent security before a breach occurs.

To help enterprises ramp up to best practices application security almost instantly, curtailing risk and exposure, Orasi partnered with Micro Focus to offer Fortify on Demand.

Benefits of App Security as a Service

  • Statically and/or dynamically test the security of any application, on-demand, through a global infrastructure that is augmented 24/7 by deeply experienced researchers, testers and software engineers who review every result.
  • Scan, assess and view reports on the security of all applications in the organization— whether still in development, being tested in QA, or already deployed to production.
  • View detailed reports and results dashboards within one day of all scans.
  • Enjoy the stress relief and confidence of continuous application monitoring with customizable alerts if anomalies or issues are detected.

Orasi has partnered with the developers of Fortify since before its inception; first when the product was released by HPE and later when it was acquired and enhanced by Micro Focus. Our strong partnership with Micro Focus, and the expertise of our Saltworks Security specialists gives us a unique strategic advantage in helping organizations reap maximum benefit from Fortify on Demand. Saltworks’ customized security program services can extend that value even further.

Static assessments

Static assessments help developers identify and eliminate vulnerabilities in source, binary, or byte code to build more secure software. It is powered by Fortify Static Code Analyzer for completeness and accuracy.

Static Assessments

Dynamic assessments

Dynamic assessments, powered by WebInspect, mimic real-world hacking techniques and attacks. It uses automated, interactive, and manual techniques to provide comprehensive analysis of complex web applications and services.

Dynamic Assessment

Mobile assessments

Mobile assessments provide true security testing across the client device, network, and web server to maximize mobile application security. Compiled application binary and hacker techniques are utilized to exploit vulnerabilities.

Mobile Assessment

Continuous application monitoring

Continuous application monitoring delivers visibility and insight into production application risk. It combines application discovery with continuous dynamic vulnerability scanning, risk profiling, and runtime protection.

Continuous Application Monitoring

  • The #1 software security testing solution
  • Winner of the Best Security Solution: CODiE Awards
  • Fastest growing software security solution available
  • Experience testing thousands of applications, across 16 industries, and 4 continents
  • Ability to work with development organizations of any size — from one developer to thousands
  • The most comprehensive analysis capability
  • Pairing the best technologies (Fortify SCA and WebInspect) with expert testers generates the most comprehensive set of results
  • All results are correlated and prioritized
  • The broadest support
  • Static analysis for over 18 programming languages across source, byte or binary code
  • Dynamic analysis for any type of environment, including web services
  • Fastest turnaround times in under one day
  • Scalable infrastructure allows for fast turnaround times
  • Robust Vendor Security Management (VSM) Program
  • Independent verification of third party software
  • The Fortify on Demand team can help run your VSM program
  • Flexibility between on-demand and on-premise
  • Move data seamlessly between Fortify on Demand and Fortify’s on-premise offerings.
  • No limit on the size of an application
  • No limitations based on lines of code, megabytes, or anything else
  • Reliable support
  • Dedicated account manager to answer any questions
  • Education seminars to train developers on secure coding
  • Insightful experience
  • Intuitive dashboard view that provides a single point of control for central testing and that can scale from one to thousands of applications

To help organizations make the most of their Imperva implementation, Orasi and its sister firm, Saltworks Security, offer value-add consulting services including solution implementation and configuration. We also offer personnel training, helping both development and security teams understand not only to most effectively use Imperva in their own environments but also how to foster a culture of security within the organization.

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