Application Security with Orasi and Saltworks

Saltworks Security is an application security consulting company that partners with organizations to build world-class application security programs from Policy to Production.


Application Security Solutions and Services for your enterprise's unique needs

In 2016, Saltworks Security became a joint-venture with Orasi Software. Now, the two companies go hand-in-hand, partnering with companies to make their development processes agile and secure. Orasi and Saltworks have also partnered with several AppSec solution providers, bringing industry-leading tools to the table when designing custom programs.

Without a plan, integrating AppSec into your agile cycle gets reactive and overwhelming. Saltworks can help you:

Design. Collaborate with Saltworks to design a customized security plan for your enterprise’s unique needs.

Implement. Leverage their expert knowledge and experience to implement effective Application Security across your organization’s development groups.

Manage. Work hand-in-hand with them to manage your security program, ensuring your AppSec needs and goals are being met.

Measure. Partner with Saltworks to measure the success of your security program, leveraging real world metrics to show continuous improvement in the security and efficiency of your applications.

Saltworks partners with organizations to create holistic AppSec programs with a shift-left, proactive approach. Rather than using cookie-cutter templates to implement application security, they work with teams to create a custom program for the enterprise’s unique needs.

Security That Won't Slow You Down.

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