Security that Won’t Slow You Down.

The continued increase of application vulnerabilities and attacks are putting companies, and their business leaders, at extreme risk. While most understand the threat, many mistakenly believe that robust security will delay software delivery cycles and bring systems to a crawl, hampering operational efficiency and business agility.


With the right combination of security services and solutions, nothing could be further from the truth.

Legacy application security software has traditionally been a serious impediment to pipeline efficiency, disrupting development processes, frustrating engineers and creating friction between security, quality and development teams. Problems identified during security “code checks” have delayed development completion for days or even weeks. 

With the move toward more iterative, continuous approaches to software development, these conditions have become unacceptable.

To address these challenges, Orasi’s Saltworks division has devised a comprehensive security methodology that can be adapted to fit any business and its teams. Once in action, our approach facilitates the deployment of security code changes quickly and with minimal disruption, while also reassuring that the resulting application code has as few vulnerabilities as possible.

Security and development teams must be able to interact seamlessly, enabling a rapid rate of issue resolution. Our security experts work closely with engineering teams to develop and manage thoughtful, customized AppSec programs—paired with world-class security solutions—fine-tuned to each organization and its personnel. Our approach is development-centric yet respectful of the unique needs of the company and its culture.

DevSecOps Programs that Actually Work

To achieve continuous flow, security protocols must be built not only into the development pipeline but also into the ecosystem that supports it.

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