Application Performance Monitoring: Dynatrace

In a world where applications are increasingly complex and distributed yet vital to business, proactive app management isn’t optional. To identify and track issues before they become malfunctions, enabling proactive resolution to meet SLAs and off-the-charts user expectations, business leaders turn to Application Performance Monitoring (APM). The question then becomes, “Among the dozens of players in this market, who gets it right?”

Having helped clients leverage APM effectively since the technology’s earliest days, Orasi’s experts have the answer.

To achieve their goals, APM products must proactively monitor not only the apps themselves but also the behaviors of the machines and people that interact or engage with them. They map transactions across all nodes, performing deep inspection and detection. The best of them use artificial intelligence to identify patterns and anomalies, enabling resolution before the behavior impacts users.

Orasi has partnered with Dynatrace to help its clients leverage a tool that supports all these activities while minimizing complexity for operators.

Benefits of Dynatrace:

  • Fully automated out of the box, including instrumentation, discovery, problem identification, business impact and root cause.
  • Analysis and decision making powered by artificial intelligence (AI), enabling analysis of millions or even billions of dependencies to identify problems and business impact root causes.
  • Full stack, enterprise monitoring from application code to cloud infrastructure and network through end user experience.

Orasi Makes It Easy

Even the most automated tools require deployment and configuration, and Orasi’s breadth of experience in APM gives it an advantage over in-house teams — or other consulting firms. Our services also extend well beyond installation to include “cultural adaptation” services that overcome user resistance to change. For each APM engagement, an Orasi consultant becomes embedded within the team to mentor reluctant personnel. In that capacity, our consultant communicates valuable insights and best practices, continually engaging in the “how and why” knowledge transfers that help the team embrace and effectively utilize Dynatrace moving forward.

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