Application Performance Monitoring: AppDynamics

Digital transformation requires new approaches to ensuring a great user experience. No longer is performance monitoring limited to passive inspection and alerting of back-end system issues. Progressive business leaders implement application performance monitoring (APM) to gain deep inspection and broad reporting on the entire application transaction chain. The result is accelerated issue resolution and robust functionality boosting user satisfaction and productivity.

Orasi has helped clients leverage the benefits of APM, and AppDynamics specifically, since the technology’s earliest days.

In a business environment where apps have become ubiquitous for nearly every activity, both personal and professional, app abandonment is at an all-time high. At the same time, mobile devices have taken center stage due to the many constraints on them — from network availability to system compatibility — that can impact performance. Yet, mobile devices are the preferred resource for many modern activities.

To help its clients gain the insight they need to optimize app performance for desktop and mobile users, Orasi has partnered with AppDynamics.

Benefits of AppDynamics

  • Tracks and alerts engineers about real-user traffic impediments and benchmarks them against simulated user profiles to more effectively pinpoint bottlenecks.
  • Conducts code-level performance checks to investigate and identify granular impediments, from memory leaks to database calls.
  • Continually checks the status of web sites, web services, and any other connected or integrated apps even in the absence of user traffic.
  • Uses geographically distributed agents to evaluate and report on performance in all corners of the globe.

Orasi Is on the Job
Even with the deep insight and broad metrics offered by AppDynamics, the increased complexity of performance management can make it difficult for organizations to reap full value. From helping your APM team “kickstart” the project to installing and configuring AppDynamics and building a culture and practice around its use, Orasi’s certified consultants provide the guidance that leads to successful APM adoption. They also have a proven track record of promoting the most important function of APM — reducing mean time to repair.

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