Extract Richer Insights to Drive Greater Performance

Since the first person counted a handful of pebbles, humans have been deriving valuable information through analysis. Today, analytics solutions for every possible task abound, from evaluating DevOps pipeline performance to software monitoring and data analysis. The challenge for enterprises seeking to glean helpful business insight through analytics is to leverage the right solution for their needs.


Since 2002, Orasi Software has been helping organizations do just that.

In the field of analytics, our specialists hand-picked solutions in the areas of greatest potential business exposure, becoming knowledge experts and developing programs to share that rich know-how with our clients.

DevOps Pipeline Performance:  As companies invest in improving and automating their delivery pipelines, the next logical question is—how do I proactively measure my pipeline efficiency on a continual basis and understand where slow-downs are occurring and how results are trending? Orasi has the expertise to understand the key data points to measure across the pipeline and can build analytic solutions to capture and report on that data automatically.

Application Performance Monitoring (APM): To support companies running applications where no performance drop is acceptable, Orasi’s trained and certified consultants help ensure applications are being monitored properly, with the tool operating at peak performance.

Orasi supports AppDynamics and Dynatrace—two leading synthetic monitoring solutions that can identify early-stage performance issues that are not yet detectable on back-end servers. Beginning with agent installation through configuring the tool for individual application needs and daily scrum calls and status reports, our consultants support the team, step by step.

Consumer Data Analytics: From defining the data pool that will provide the richest insights to deploying and configuring analytics platforms that make productive use of it, Orasi helps business leaders end the self-defeating cycle of “data copy and paste.” In doing so, they also help organizations restore confidence in their data, and stakeholders develop a meaningful framework for its use.

Teams can fill volumes of spreadsheets with data; they can organize it and talk about it forever, but without expert assistance—and tools that can perform multi-dimensional analyses—they will never get full value from their firm’s customer information.

Drive Greater Performance with Meaningful Analytics

Data abounds everywhere. Utilizing it properly to drive greater insight and performance in your business is key. Orasi can help.


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