DevOps – Brilliantly Challenging

The DevOps approach is easy to buy into, but organizations are finding challenges and risks in the execution. Faster Agile delivery cycles deliver features more quickly, but pressure to get them into production can trigger uncertainties because operational practices have not matured at the same pace. Leveraging the right automation tools is critical, but can they be united? How can you know that your applications are truly secure? Is there consensus on the strategy among Dev and Ops teams and a clear roadmap? Overcoming these threats to delivery is critical to driving speed to profitability.  

Ensuring Confidence in Your DevOps Journey

Orasi’s mission is to ensure confidence in your DevOps Journey from start to finish, with expert insight and a spectrum of automation, integration, and security tools, reducing waste and driving speed to profitability.

Devoted to Wildly Successful Client Outcomes

Applying Agile concepts to everything we do, our teams employ a targeted, inclusive methodology to help clients streamline processes and optimize quality and efficiency. Using this approach, our teams learn early, deliver often and adjust quickly, providing continuous, incremental value — and a high degree of project transparency. At Orasi, we:

  • Assess your organization and determine where you are and where you need to go.
  • Roadmap the process and prepare you for the journey.
  • Start the work of moving the organization forward.
  • Accelerate through the early learning stages of the journey.
  • Cruise through successful implementations by helping you execute effectively.
  • Re-calculate to adjust for needed changes and new destinations.