Overcoming the Challenges of Continuous Delivery

Continuous delivery

By: Terry Brennan, Managing Director As software release cycles have accelerated, driven by factors ranging from user change requests to demands for new features, many organizations have undertaken continuous delivery (CD). With this approach, teams release smaller changes more frequently, enabling them to catch and remediate errors much earlier in the software development timeline. Even […]

Container Technology: Moving to Continuous Flow

Read the entire article from Orasi DevOps Terry Brennan here in Container Journal.   Containers are on fire right now, as businesses increasingly need to deliver secure and reliable solutions without sacrificing release velocity and while controlling cost. This container momentum is apparent in virtually every analyst report on DevOps. The State of Containers By […]

OrasiLabs Demonstration


With OrasiLabs, you bypass all that hassle by creating inexpensive, hands-on training environments in the cloud.

What is OrasiLabs?


OrasiLabs is a new concept in software training. For most people, the hardest part of delivering a software training class is building and deploying the student machines for hands-on practice.