Great article from Forbes Magazine on a presentation at DOES18 about the future of DevOps and the value stream, highlighting Orasi’s latest acquisition, the integration superstar

DevOps is an automation-supported cultural and organizational transformation of the software development and operations departments in enterprises, web scale companies, and software vendors. Its goal: speed up software delivery while maintaining quality, resilience, and scale, thus providing better value to end-customers.

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Advance your DevOps Transformation |4.17.18| Frisco, TX

Join us at the Star - Dallas Cowboys Headquarters DevOps is about changing traditional paradigms, enabling us to more rapidly deliver production updates and new capabilities. Join XebiaLabs and Orasi for a half-day "lunch-n-learn" at THE STAR - Dallas Cowboys World Headquarters - where our experts will be sharing insights, tips and trick to help you with your DevOps and digital transformation efforts.

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