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Webinar | 5/23/17 | Chalk Talk Tuesday- DevOps Intelligence: Make Data Driven Software Delivery Decisions with XebiaLabs

Enterprise DevOps requires an overarching framework to organize and control your software delivery pipeline from end to end. Enter DevOps Intelligence. It's about providing you with the insight you need to deliver software more efficiently, with less risk and with better results. READ MORE >

March 29, 2017|Uncategorized, Upcoming Event|

Webinar | 5/31/17 | Chalk Talk Tuesdays – Test Data and Environment Management

For the next webinar in the Software Quality Engineering Roadmap series, Dave and Jeff will dive into test data and environment management. Modernizing and improving these functions are a critical part of the expanded focus in Orasi’s Quality Engineering system. READ MORE >

March 27, 2017|Upcoming Event|

Webinar | 6/13/17 | Chalk Talk Tuesdays- Build and Release Management

Our Software Quality Engineering Roadmap series will conclude with a focus on build and release management. The quality team’s role in improving how the software is built and how is it is released is a central part of a modern Quality Engineering organization.READ MORE >

March 26, 2017|Upcoming Event|