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Orasi is a leading provider of software testing services using the HP test management and automation technology. For over 11 years, Orasi has consistently helped customers successfully implement and integrate software testing environments to reduce the cost and risk of software failures. If you are looking for help with an initial implementation or an enterprise rollout, Orasi can provide the expertise and experience to accelerate your testing return on investment

Orasi Solutions

Orasi CloudPerform, powered by HP LoadRunner Software, is a cloud-based performance testing solution that can be purchased in 24 hour increments.
HP SiteScope is certified and available through Amazon’s marketplace from Orasi Software, providing a simple way to test and assure the health of your cloud applications and services.
Orasi's JIRA Bridge for HP Quality Center synchronizes defect information between Atlassian’s JIRA and HP Quality Center software to enhance communication between QA and development teams.

Remedy Bridge for HP Quality Center™ is an enterprise class integration solution that enables companies to harness the full potential of BMC® Remedy® Service Desk and HP Quality Center or HP ALM software by synchronizing incident and problem information between the two tools.

Introducing the Orasi System Information (OSI) tool; free to download!
OSI is a utility for reporting individual machine configurations both pre- and post-installation. It aids in the implementation and troubleshooting of multiple HP products.

Events & Webinars


 Coming Soon

  • Bring the Cloud Indoors
    Online Webinar
    Join Orasi & Mobile Labs for a webinar on April 22nd to learn how a private mobile device cloud can improve mobile device access and facilitate rapid deployment of higher quality mobile apps!
    Mobility is transforming business. According to Forrester, there will be 700% more mobile development projects than web development projects in 2015. Enterprises are now facing new challenges in developing and delivering quality mobile apps quickly, efficiently and securely. One option is testing apps on mobile devices in the public cloud. However, this approach can threaten enterprise data and raise concerns regarding mobile security, latency and the risk of sending sensitive production data outside the confines of the corporate firewall. In addition, more and more companies are developing mobile apps using Agile methodologies and DevOps strategies like continuous integration and delivery to speed deployment and improve quality. In this Webinar, learn how to conquer these public cloud challenges with a private mobile device cloud located inside your own firewall. Attendees will learn how a private cloud, Mobile Labs deviceConnect, can improve mobile device access and facilitate rapid deployment of higher quality mobile apps. In addition, we will discuss how organizations can get the most from their DevOps strategies by developing mobile apps that cross boundaries from build systems to real mobile devices quickly, automatically and hands-free.
  • Extend Test Coverage & Lower Costs with Scriptless Test Automation
    Online Webinar
    Join Orasi & TurnKey on Thursday, May 1st to discover how TurnKey Scriptless Testing extends the power of HP ALM to provide a more intelligent approach to automated testing.
    Enterprise applications are inherently complex, yet with today's current business requirements faster delivery of new and updated software is critical in order for businesses to stay ahead. Without the proper test automation frameworks in place, companies run the risk of high implementation costs and project delays. Join us for this informative webinar as we discuss how you can leverage TurnKey's next-generation, data-driven test automation platform, cFactory, to deliver increased speed and agility, while minimizing cost. * Accelerate Testing - Automate new processes or update existing test cases with a few clicks of a mouse. Start testing your critical business processes in weeks not months, without the need for special scripting or code. * Expand Test Coverage - Leverage our advanced data-driven framework to test all your business critical processes with the fewest number of test cases needed. Maximize application test coverage while minimizing your test effort. * Reduce Test Maintenance - See how you can simplify maintenance with TurnKey's unique auto-maintenance features. Reduce overall maintenance by 50%-80% or more. * Test Across the Enterprise - A single solution that supports all your business critical applications including legacy, packaged and custom solutions. One platform, one process allows you to test faster and more efficiently.
  • How to Create Strong Passwords to Protect Your Identity
    Online Webinar
    Join Orasi & Safelight Security on Thursday, May 15th to learn how to incorporate password security best practices into your daily routine.
    Lack of awareness concerning the creation of secure passwords is a source of great concern for most companies today. Orasi and Safelight Security believe it is their professional duty to provide you with the tools to better prepare and educate your employees on the importance of implementing effective security. Safelight Security's vast expertise in the realm of security training can help set the tone for executing an effective security awareness program across your organization, and Orasi's professional services can help companies implement these tools quickly and effectively. Attend for your chance to win an HP Pocket Playlist!
  • Agile Tools Summit
    Fort Lauderdale, FL
    The Conference for What's Next in Agile Tools.
    he South Florida Agile Association proudly presents, Agile Tools Summit 2014 in partnership with Nova Southeastern Graduate School of Computer and Information Sciences. The community has spoken, and we listened. This summit addresses the growing interest in software tools for Agile teams. What tools are out there, what do they do, and who is using them. Starting with Backlog management tools, and extended all the way through online collaboration tools, test automation, and continuous delivery tools. Expert speakers will present a day packed full of thought leadership and industry best practices. Additionally, each participating Tools company will have a table where you can interact, ask questions and see their Agile product. Early bird tickets are only $30!
  • HP Discover 2014
    Las Vegas, NV
    Enter code SWPTORASI to save $300!
    HP Discover 2014, HP's largest customer event of the year, takes place at The Venetian in Las Vegas from June 10-12. This year's conference offers a vast array of informative keynotes, educational breakouts, open discussions, and best-practice solutions, as well as continual networking opportunities. The discount code of SWPTORASI is transferrable, so please feel free to forward this message to others in your organization. We encourage you to register as soon as possible not only to take advantage of the discount but also to ensure you get a room at the conference hotel, which sold out last year.


  • Tips to achieve continuous integration/delivery using HP ALM, Jenkins, and Skytap
    Online Webinar
    Join Orasi & Skytap for a complimentary webinar on Tuesday, April 15th to learn how to build better software faster!
    To gain a competitive advantage in today's hyper competitive markets, businesses must constantly strive to develop, test, and release better software faster. This is made possible by means of continuously integrating, testing, and delivering new applications. In this webinar, Skytap and Orasi will share tips to improve software quality and velocity with the automated creation and management of on-demand, scalable test environments. It will focus on best practices for continuous integration through the joint use of HP Application Lifecycle Management (ALM), Jenkins and Skytap.
  • Optimizing Test Teams for Continuous Delivery
    Online Webinar
    Join Orasi on Wednesday, March 26th to discover how to outpace the competition and make your release process a business advantage!
    The ultimate goal of a test team is to deliver the highest quality solution to the end users. Continuous delivery is a set of practices and goals that coordinates testing with operations as well as development. In this presentation, we will show how recent advancements in build orchestration tools, along with operation management automation, can turn around test results in hours instead of weeks. By optimizing the feedback loop to the change owners they can fix their defects in minutes. Imagine a project where the developers and infrastructure team can resolve 10 or more issues per person per day! This is possible with Continuous Delivery. Attend for your chance to win an HP Pocket Playlist!
  • Adding Mobile To Your HP Best Practices
    Online Webinar
    Brought to you by the Atlanta Vivit Chapter, sponsored by Orasi. By registering for this webinar and opting-in to hear from Orasi, you will be entered into a drawing for an HP Slate 7. You must be an Atlanta Vivit Chapter member to be entered into the drawing.
    Mobile technologies can open amazing opportunities to extend market reach, drive productivity and innovation, and build closer relationships with customers, suppliers, and partners. Mobility is no longer a luxury; it is a competitive requirement. But for companies trying to keep pace with the proliferation of mobile operating systems and devices, maintaining high performance and security standards can place a strain on established QA methodologies. The approach we will discuss fully leverages real devices on live networks, coupled with proven HP solutions to deliver a comprehensive testing and security strategy for organizations of any size. Join this webinar to understand the challenges of deploying quality applications on mobile platforms and learn how you can leverage the new trend of mobile applications. By registering for this webinar and opting-in to hear from Orasi, you will be entered into a drawing for an HP Slate 7. You must be an Atlanta Vivit Chapter member to be entered into the drawing.
  • Best Practices to Ensure Mobile App Success
    Online Webinar
    Join Orasi & HP for a webinar on March 6th to learn the key considerations for mobile testing and how best to build the right practice.
    Mobile testing is complex. Organizations must embrace a mobile-first strategy in order to keep pace with both uncontrollable market factors and their own willingness to innovate. In addition, they need to craft functional, performance and security testing plans for their mobile applications and web sites. Orasi and HP can help you ensure your mobile applications work and perform well in real network conditions. In this webinar, we will examine the trends that are driving mobility in the enterprise environment and assess traditional testing methods versus mobile testing disciplines, including manual/automation, crowdsourcing, onsite/cloud, etc. We will highlight a couple of real-world examples from our customer base and elaborate on how they decided on a platform and how they implemented the new technology in their environment.
  • Leveraging Your ALM Tools for Your SAP Environment
    Online Webinar
    The presentation will outline the value of taking inventory on your existing SAP/HP ALM Tools. We will explain how to maximize ROI for your SAP implementation by leveraging what's "on your shelf" and the three phases that fit your existing investment into best practices.
    Join Orasi for a complimentary webinar on February 5th Functional testing is a key piece of any SAP implementation. A piece that is often omitted due to time and budget constraints. Today organizations leverage best-in-class technologies and methodologies to test their applications before Go-Live to best minimize the risks of failure when implementing or upgrading SAP. Many organizations already own these solutions, but have not deployed or are not leveraging them in the most valuable way. The presentation will outline the value of taking inventory on your existing SAP/HP ALM Tools. We will explain how to maximize ROI for your SAP implementation by leveraging what's "on your shelf" and the three phases that fit your existing investment into best practices. Phase 1, Current State Assessment Phase 2, Upgrades and Infrastructure Phase 3, Utilization