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Orasi is a leading provider of software testing services using market-leading test management, test automation, enterprise testing, environment hosting, and mobile testing technology. For over 12 years, Orasi has consistently helped customers successfully implement and integrate software testing environments to reduce the cost and risk of software failures. From initial implementations to enterprise rollouts, Orasi provides the expertise and experience to accelerate your testing return on investment. In addition, Orasi offers on-site training and a 3-tier consulting services model to provide the right mix of personnel and services for every company at the right price.

Orasi Solutions

Introducing the Orasi Digital Authenticator(ODA), the digital signature authentication and workflow for HP ALM/QC. ODA is a templated workflow product that integrates with HP ALM/QC's built-in workflow and expands its capabilities to include validation of requirements, test cases, defects and more.

Orasi's JIRA Bridge for HP Quality Center synchronizes defect information between Atlassian’s JIRA and HP Quality Center software to enhance communication between QA and development teams.

Remedy Bridge for HP Quality Center™ is an enterprise class integration solution that enables companies to harness the full potential of BMC® Remedy® Service Desk and HP Quality Center or HP ALM software by synchronizing incident and problem information between the two tools.

Orasi CloudPerform, powered by HP LoadRunner Software, is a cloud-based performance testing solution that can be purchased in 24 hour increments.

HP SiteScope is certified and available through Amazon’s marketplace from Orasi Software, providing a simple way to test and assure the health of your cloud applications and services.

The Orasi System Information (OSI) tool is a utility for reporting individual machine configurations, both pre- and post-installation. It aids in the implementation and troubleshooting of multiple HP products. Even better, it's free to download!

Events & Webinars


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  • CQAA July Event: The Bushido Code and 30th Anniversary Celebration
    Metropolitan Club, Willis Tower, Chicago
    Inspirational Keynote. Celebration. Networking. Recognition. Prizes
    Where were you in 1984? Not yet born? In school? Or just starting your career? You may have been breaking in your new Mac, watching Cosby on Thursday night or asking “Where’s the Beef?” If you were a software QA professional at that time, perhaps 1984 was the first you heard of the newly founded Chicago Quality Assurance Association. Starting that year, and the 30 years since, CQAA has been the primary local resource for Chicago QA professionals for education, certification, and networking. After 30 years, CQAA is still going strong! It’s time to celebrate 30 years of quality! Come join the fun! Whether you have been with CQAA one year or thirty years, we hope that you will join us for socializing, drinks, appetizers, raffle prizes, and inspiring words from our featured keynote, John Godoy and special guest appearance by Tom Ticknor, COO of the QAI Global Institute.
  • Continuous integration/delivery using HP ALM, Jenkins, and Skytap Luncheon (Denver, CO)
    Del Frisco's 8100 E. Orchard Road Denver, CO 80111
    Please join Orasi and Skytap for a complimentary luncheon on Tuesday, August 5th from 11:30am to 1:30pm at Del Frisco's in Denver.
    To gain a competitive advantage in today's hyper-competitive markets, businesses must constantly strive to develop, test, and release better software faster. This is made possible by means of continuously integrating, testing, and delivering new applications. In this luncheon, Skytap and Orasi will share tips to improve software quality and velocity with the automated creation and management of on-demand, scalable test environments. It will focus on best practices for continuous integration through the joint use of HP Application Lifecycle Management (ALM), Jenkins and Skytap. Specifically you will learn how to: Integrate Jenkins with HP ALM Extend Dev/Test workloads to the cloud Integrate build automation with automated test management We look forward to seeing you!
  • Web Services Test Automation & API2Go
    Online Webinar
    Join Orasi on Wednesday, August 13th to find out how you can test earlier, test faster, & test more than ever before for even greater ROI!
    The emergence of the Web Services tier as the Business Process Engine creates a uniquely efficient testing opportunity for those poised to seize it. Engineers are now faced with architectures that spawn 10's, to 100's, to even 1,000's of Web Services, each handling discrete business functions. These business-critical Web Services present the opportunity to automate a much higher percentage of tests than what is feasible with traditional GUI automation and to do so much more efficiently. Join us to see how you can: - Maximize test coverage - Automate efficiently to boldly confront shorter release cycles, continuous integration and service virtualization demands - Tackle disparate technology with ease - including composite, web, cloud-based and mobile apps, as well as SOAP/REST and XML/JSON - Master complex data and test scenarios such as integration points and interoperability of those components with each other and the primary application As a compliment to HP Service Test, Orasi's API2Go is a web services test accelerator designed to work with HP Service Test. It provides companies with a standardized, stable, integrated web services testing framework that allows more comprehensive testing in less time. API2Go also eases the migration from HP QuickTest Professional to HP Service Test for web services testing, and provides tests that are reusable within the regression testing suite for even greater ROI. While HP Service Test provides the automation necessary to effectively test web services; with API2Go, HP Service Test script development times are reduced by an average of 50%, while maintenance is decreased by an average of 62.5%. API2Go also reduces production release risk, reducing test execution time by 70% over UI automation. And API2Go validates 100% of response fields. The result is more complete testing in less time, even for complex applications.
  • Automate Your Test Case Impact Analysis with Grid-Tools & HP ALM
    Online Webinar
    Join Orasi on Wednesday, August 20th to find out how you can complete the circle between test cases, test model, and test data with Grid-Tools and ALM!
    All over the world, HP's Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) helps software development organizations coordinate the testing of their applications. However, in many cases, the inefficient coverage of testing activities escalate project costs and time to market. Grid-Tools' Agile Designer (AD) fully integrates with HP ALM, allowing users to de-duplicate test cases, improve test coverage, and reduce overall project costs. In this webinar, you will see how AD enables you to: - Perform an algorithm-driven test case impact analysis based upon new requirements - Modify and/or create test cases when there are extended data permutations in a workflow - Evaluate changes to test cases for new UI-based options - Showcase import/export of test cases between HP ALM and Agile Designer - Showcase Datamaker integration with Agile Designer and HP ALM - De-duplicate, prioritize and optimize test cases after import from ALM into Agile Designer Attend for your chance to win an HP Pocket Playlist!


  • JIRA Bridge for HP QC/ALM: Rebuilding the Development and QA Relationship
    Online Webinar
    Join Orasi on Thursday, July 24th to find out how you can harness the full potential of Atlassian's JIRA and HP QC/ALM software by synchronizing defect and requirement information between the two tools!
    Effective communication between teams is critical to overall quality and efficiency in the development process. JIRA Bridge for HP QC/ALM enables a true collaboration between QA and development teams by seamlessly coordinating information between the two, while offering them the flexibility to use the tools that best fit their needs. JIRA Bridge manages information sharing by using bi-directional synchronization of defect and requirement data between JIRA and any release of HP Quality Center/HP ALM from 9.0 through 12.0x. Without placing an extra burden on your team, the tool also enables you to gather metrics on your round-trip issue resolution process to drive the stability and reliability of release cycles. Join this webinar to learn more about how JIRA Bridge promotes effective communication between development & QA teams to improve overall quality and efficiency in the development process. Attend for your chance to win an HP Pocket Playlist! We look forward to seeing you!
  • Agile Designer: Test Cases Amplified
    Online Webinar
    Join Orasi on Tuesday, July 15th to learn how Agile Designer provides visual clarity at every stage of the software development lifecycle, enabling you to deliver quality, valuable applications earlier!
    Grid-Tools has released an exciting new tool, Agile Designer (AD), to assist with the creation and implementation of test cases for an efficient and fully-covered testing methodology. Advanced techniques can help testers link expected test cases with relevant data and expected results, as well as helping to eliminate duplication of test cases and to prioritize important ones. In addition to plugging in to existing test management tools, such as HP ALM and CA LISA, AD enables users to: - Design the minimal and optimal set of test cases for efficient, fully covered testing - Link expected results to both test cases and data - Enhance and de-duplicate your existing test cases - Interface and supplement existing requirements and ALM tools - Define outsourcing work packages with unambiguous requirements, test cases and data Why is this important? 80% of software development projects cost more than they return. Invariably, this is due to costly rework caused by production defects or incorrect work based on misunderstood requirements; which leads to delays, not only to delivery, but also to quality and value. Join this webinar to find out more about AD and how it can benefit you! Attend for your chance to win a Bose SoundLink Bluetooth Speaker!
  • Introducing the Orasi Digital Authenticator (ODA)
    Online Webinar
    Join this webinar to learn more about ODA and how it can help you leverage HP ALM/QC workflows and digital signatures to comply with industry regulations.
    HP ALM's native workflow feature provides a structure for companies to customize ALM to fit with their business processes. But when it comes to validating digital signatures within the workflow, many companies are turning to Orasi Digital Authenticator (ODA) to deliver more comprehensive validation capabilities. ODA is a templated workflow product that integrates with HP ALM's built-in workflow and expands its capabilities to include validation of requirements, test cases, defects and more. With ODA, companies can customize the approval process to include what, how, and when items can be approved. ODA allows companies to implement workflow that includes multiple validation steps, with an extra layer of user authentication to ensure that procedures are followed correctly. Join this webinar to learn more about ODA and how it can help you leverage HP ALM/QC workflows and digital signatures to comply with industry regulations.
  • Software Virtualization Lifecycle
    Online Webinar
    Join Skytap & Orasi Software for a complementary webinar on June 17th to learn how to increase the reality of your cloud environment with service virtualization!
    A top focus for application development today is on acceleration, but faster is not always equal to better. The bigger challenge is to improve both the speed and quality of software releases. By utilizing virtualization technology, specifically service virtualization and virtual dev/test labs, in software development lifecycles, companies can increase test coverage in less time and ultimately produce better software faster. HP Service Virtualization software allows development and testing teams to access limited or unavailable services in a simulated, virtual environment. This easy-to-use solution speeds application delivery, eliminates risks and reduces cost by virtualizing services within existing environments. By enabling parallel development and early functional testing, it eliminates wait times. HP Service Virtualization also reduces the use of high-cost, business-critical infrastructure or pay-per-use components for testing. In this webinar, we'll discuss how to combine service virtualization technology with cloud-based dev/test environments to: • Develop and test in production equivalent environments • Empower teams to develop faster through self-service access • Improve software quality through increased test coverage
  • Quantifying the Value of Continuous Testing
    Online Webinar
    Join Orasi on Wednesday, June 4th to discover how to outpace the competition and make your release process a business advantage!
    The value of test automation within a software lifecycle is directly related to the speed and efficiency of the results. By delivering quicker and more reliable results to the development and operations teams, the QA team will drive optimization into the overall deployment pipeline. With clear targets and goal-oriented practices, you can shorten the defect resolution time by orders of magnitude. This enables the entire organization to release changes more often and with a much shorter lead time. In this discussion, we will talk about transition practices, measurement criteria and recent customer successes in our Continuous Delivery practice.