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Orasi is a leading provider of software testing services using market-leading test management, test automation, enterprise testing, environment hosting, and mobile testing technology. For over 12 years, Orasi has consistently helped customers successfully implement and integrate software testing environments to reduce the cost and risk of software failures. From initial implementations to enterprise rollouts, Orasi provides the expertise and experience to accelerate your testing return on investment. In addition, Orasi offers on-site training and a 3-tier consulting services model to provide the right mix of personnel and services for every company at the right price.

Orasi Solutions

Introducing the Orasi Digital Authenticator(ODA), the digital signature authentication and workflow for HP ALM/QC. ODA is a templated workflow product that integrates with HP ALM/QC's built-in workflow and expands its capabilities to include validation of requirements, test cases, defects and more.

Orasi's JIRA Bridge for HP Quality Center synchronizes defect information between Atlassian’s JIRA and HP Quality Center software to enhance communication between QA and development teams.

Remedy Bridge for HP Quality Center™ is an enterprise class integration solution that enables companies to harness the full potential of BMC® Remedy® Service Desk and HP Quality Center or HP ALM software by synchronizing incident and problem information between the two tools.

Orasi CloudPerform, powered by HP LoadRunner Software, is a cloud-based performance testing solution that can be purchased in 24 hour increments.

HP SiteScope is certified and available through Amazon’s marketplace from Orasi Software, providing a simple way to test and assure the health of your cloud applications and services.

The Orasi System Information (OSI) tool is a utility for reporting individual machine configurations, both pre- and post-installation. It aids in the implementation and troubleshooting of multiple HP products. Even better, it's free to download!

Events & Webinars


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  • AppSphere 2014 - Use the code: ORASIINVITE for 25% off!
    The Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas
    AppSphere 2014 will feature keynotes from Jonah Kowall, Research Vice President, IT Operations at Gartner; Lance Crosby, Chief Executive Officer of SoftLayer, an IBM Company; and Bill Platt, General Manager of Amazon Web Services. Visit the Orasi Booth, #3, in the sponsor pavilion for your chance to win a prize!
    The conference will also include a panel of experts from Microsoft, Google, RedHat, and SoftLayer discussing the future of the Cloud, and breakout sessions featuring industry thought leaders from CoreLogic, MongoDB, Lithium, and more. Visit the Orasi Booth, #3, in the sponsor pavilion for your chance to win a prize! (When you register, don't forget to use the code: ORASIINVITE for 25% off!)
  • Data Data Everywhere! Understand Your Data & Maximize Test Coverage.
    Online Webinar
    Join Orasi on November 13th at 2pm Eastern to learn about measuring your test cases against the most appropriate conditions to ensure that all of your requirements are tested.
    Join Orasi on November 13th at 2pm Eastern to learn about measuring your test cases against the most appropriate conditions to ensure that all of your requirements are tested. In order to maximize the quality of a solution, the testing process needs to provide the best coverage possible. In this webinar, we will focus on the issues and risks of poor data coverage. We will then show how to measure data coverage and improve it with Grid-Tools' Datamaker. Remember: using production databases for testing only leverages data that already made it safely through the software! Our team has broken the process of Test Data Management (TDM) into a cycle of phases, which follow after the environment setup: - Data analysis - Data pools creation - Data pools validation - Data delivery - Continuous improvement The data analysis and coverage provides new data to ensure that faults related to code interaction are discovered during the test phases and not in production.


  • Introducing Orasi's Digital Signature Authentication and Workflow for HP ALM/QC
    Online Webinar
    Join this complimentary webinar to learn more about ODA and how it can help you leverage HP ALM/QC workflows and digital signatures to comply with industry regulations.
    Join us for this complimentary webinar to learn all about the Orasi Digital Authenticator (ODA)! - How do you ensure that your organization's development processes are in compliance with industry regulations? - How can you lock down an HP ALM workflow to ensure that changes are not made outside the process? - How can you ensure that a user approving an item is authorized to do so? - How can you provide an audit trail when required by compliance regulations? HP ALM's native workflow feature provides a structure for companies to customize ALM to fit with their business processes. But when it comes to validating digital signatures within the workflow, many companies are turning to Orasi Digital Authenticator (ODA) to deliver more comprehensive validation capabilities. ODA is a templated workflow product that integrates with HP ALM's built-in workflow and expands its capabilities to include validation of requirements, test cases, defects and more. With ODA, companies can customize the approval process to include what, how, and when items can be approved. ODA allows companies to implement workflow that includes multiple validation steps, with an extra layer of user authentication to ensure that procedures are followed correctly. Attend for your chance to win a Roku 3 Streaming Player!
  • Improve Your Application Performance with Complete Visibility into Real-User Experience
    Online Webinar
    Join Orasi on October 16th at 2pm Eastern to learn how next-gen Application Performance Management can help you support your revenue-critical apps!
    Modern application architectures, new technologies, and the rapid rate of change have created a perfect storm of complexity in today's applications. As a result, performance problems surface that are often difficult to identify, diagnose, and fix. As these applications become increasingly critical to the business, it's more important than ever to have a quick way to monitor, diagnose, and resolve application problems before they affect revenue. This is why Orasi has partnered with AppDynamics, the Application Intelligence leader for software-defined businesses, and leader in Gartner’s latest Magic Quadrant for Application Performance Management. Together, Orasi and AppDynamics are empowering companies to increase operational efficiency and improve user satisfaction by delivering actionable insights into service quality and customer experience. In a single offering, the AppDynamics Application Intelligence Platform equips today's software-defined businesses with the ability to proactively monitor, manage, and optimize the most complex software environments. All in real time, and all in production. So at every point in time, you can know more, and know it faster. It's more than monitoring - it's true Application Intelligence. This webinar is designed to provide you with a brief product overview, a live product demonstration, and an open forum for Q&A. We'll discuss the APM market and how AppDynamics takes a different approach to tackling problems facing Dev, Ops, and business leaders today. Attend for your chance to win a Roku 3 Streaming Player!
  • Orasi Automated Reporting Solution for Quality Assurance Reports, Scorecards and Dashboards
    Online Webinar
    Join Orasi on Tuesday, September 30th to see how OARS can create the information delivery pipeline that enables organizations to realize the full value of their HP Quality Center/Application Lifecycle Management investment.
    Is your IT or QA organization data rich and information poor? Many IT and QA organizations have a good repository of testing data and artifacts but find themselves without meaningful information. The Orasi Automated Reporting Solution (OARS) can automate the transformation of data into actionable information, streamlining the delivery of the right information to the right stakeholders at the right times.
  • Using Jenkins & LoadRunner to Support Performance Testing in Continuous Delivery
    Online Webinar
    Join Orasi on Thursday, September 25th to discover how to prevent performance defects using Continuous Delivery (CD).
    In this presentation, we will demonstrate how to leverage HP LoadRunner within Jenkins. We will review which type of performance tests work best in a CD pipeline and why. Additionally, we will show how to set up the Service Level Agreement functions within HP LoadRunner to coordinate with Jenkins, in order to denote a good build. Using these practices can help prevent performance defects from entering the release pipeline. It does not replace more complex load tests but, this easy-to-use process makes those tests more effective with more frequent test execution. Attend for your chance to win a Roku 3 Streaming Player! We look forward to seeing you!
  • Automate Your Environment Provisioning for Mobile App Development
    Online Webinar
    Join Orasi & Skytap mobile experts on September 17th to learn how you can provide more complete test coverage for your mobile applications - from the application servers all the way to the actual device!
    Enterprises are currently facing new challenges in developing and delivering quality mobile apps quickly, efficiently and securely. Additionally, according to Forrester, there will be 700% more mobile development projects than web development projects in 2015. With all of this rapid development, how can you build test environments quickly enough to support your mobile app development? Can you afford to buy a limitless set of test servers? Do you have the manpower to install, execute and tear down test servers for each development iteration? In this webinar you will learn specific techniques to accomplish the following: - Automatically create test environments based on development build events - Execute mobile app tests on these dynamic mobile environments - Collaborate test results with the entire development team - Save exact defect states for developers to investigate root causes In short, you'll learn how to give developers real-time feedback without having to manually provision hundreds of test server environments. You'll see how to automate the entire mobile app test cycle while at the same time being able to collaborate and save the test environment for everyone to use. Attend for your chance to win an HP Wireless TV Connect Kit! We look forward to seeing you!